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dual personalities

After spending umpteen years working solely as an ad writer, I find myself in an evolving market where it’s not as easy to define oneself with a single title. My current role is as an Account Executive with a regional agency in the Land of Enchantment. But this is a land of role playing, and often I find myself being asked to pull a headline out of, well, thin air (we are at a mile’s altitude after all). And usually, it happens when I’m neck-deep in some client-related request.

One thing I’ve noticed of late, is the non-frosted side of me (read: AE) has a strangle hold on my more creative side. I find it’s more common to stare at a spreadsheet than a blank “page” of either this blog, or a copy doc, or something else that used to sit and beckon my creative side to come out and play.

And quite frankly, I think it’s time that the writer in me gets a grip, and forces the AE side to take a back seat on things for awhile.

Don’t take this “rant” to mean that I don’t like my job. I love this job. I love the group I work with. And for the most part, most of the clients. I thank the universe every day that I have a steady gig to report to that pushes me intellectually, and makes me think about things in a completely different way.

It sure beats hitting the streets constantly looking for the next freelance project. Then again, that’s maybe what I need…a freelance project or two where I get to dust off my frosted side and sweeten up someone’s copy. There are a few on the horizon that need to be explored. And perhaps a few others that need to be uncovered.

My nose isn’t outta whack. It just needs to reach out and work its way into someone’s business to stir up something.


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