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Words matter

Content is king. At least that seems to be the prevalent opinion in the world of marketing these days. As a content manager working on websites across the country, I’m torn by the need to let clicks drive the story, not the story itself. Sure, there are instances where the most clickable words or phrases for a particular industry just naturally flow into the storyline. But what happens when the fixation on Adword ranking actually hurts?

As part of my current role, I’m “fixing” older content to make it more relevant. I’ve been coming across some really bad content written to appease the older metrics gods where there is so much repetition and obvious cramming of particular key words that it’s almost painful to read. 

Is the ad writer or copy writer that I trained to be pre-Internet now obsolete in today’s clickable world? Sure, this old dog can learn a few more tricks. Still, I prefer presenting a story for the brand when writing a website. I want to engage the reader, not the auto bots that are trolling the site. However, in this world that we now live in, there has to be balance. 

I’m not going to fight to stay in the old way of doing things. I recognize that I can take advantage of online training to become the best at writing content that is highly relevant and clickable. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon creating something relatable just to make it to page one. 

When I step back and assess my current situation, I guess there is more emphasis right now on the word “manager” than “content.” But thankfully there are opportunities like this blog to be more…creative.


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Egg on my face

This morning started like most – after feeding the dogs, I began the task of feeding myself. My go-to of late usually consists of a fried egg or two served open face on a piece of toast with some sort of meat. Ham is a favorite, but today that was in short supply so turkey sausage links stepped in as the understudy (or under the piece of cheese at least).

Having lived in the Land of Enchantment now for nearly 6 years, I have also grown very accustomed to including some sort of chile with my eggs. Again being in short supply in the house (reminder: pick up chile!), I reached for my trusty jar o’ locally made salsa to step in alongside the turkey sausage, only to see some “suspect” pieces floating near the top. Not wanting to risk it, the jar was tossed and I made do with cracked black pepper. Of course, just now I’m wondering why I didn’t remember the sricacha that would have been completely acceptable.
Enter the judge-y mind. Why didn’t I remember the sricacha? Why haven’t I restocked the chile supply in the pantry? Why am I obsessing about my breakfast?

Seeing as how it’s the start of a new year, perhaps it’s a subconscious hangover from the “inspirational” articles I’ve been reading the past few days. You know the ones….don’t make resolutions, set intentions instead. The one that has had the biggest impact so far was 7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose, particularly the one about “How can you better embarrass yourself?”

As I’ve gotten older, I have started to notice that I tend to be very “careful” about how I present things. From the way I act, sing, dress, and especially write is becoming more cautious as if I’m protecting myself from embarrassing myself. And now I read something that sets that on its edge and says to actually look for opportunities to make of fool of myself. Well, not necessarily making a fool of myself on purpose. But more going with the flow/mood and just throwing it out there.

And so that begins with this post. I’ve been struggling to get back into the flow of posting here, mostly because I feel like I’ve nothing of importance to share. But Seth Godin puts it out there that “the reason it’s so difficult to improve is that it requires you to acknowledge that your original plan wasn’t perfect” which makes me acknowledge that any writing is better than NO writing. So here I am.

Thankfully, with no egg on my face from breakfast. Or for putting this out there for anyone to see.

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