the curse of the blinking cursor

Despite utilizing mind melding techniques, the blinking cursor on this page doesn’t do anything but keep the beat of some imaginary rhythm. It takes putting fingers to the keyboard in an orchestrated effort to actually get words to “magically” appear. It’s not asking for herculean effort – it’s merely asking to break down that blockade and start the stream of words wirelessly appearing on this blank canvas.

But some days it is just that hard. You sit waiting for some brilliant spark to ignite a thought that is worthy of actually putting “out there” whatever it is and for whatever reason any writer writes. For some, it’s about storytelling. Others want to vent or praise. Some just like to hear themselves “talk” through whatever medium they choose.

For me it’s about all of the above. Some days I want to bitch. Others I feel I have a story to tell. Unfortunately, lately there seems to be more days that it’s a plain struggle just to sit down and get something….anything….to come out.

Today, instead of staring at that blinking cursor taunting me on the blank page, I choose to fight back. To interact. To actually control the rhythm from which it moves across the page. It’s not the grand novel. It’s not even an ok idea. It’s just an exercise to prove to myself that I can push through.


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